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     S graphics design was founded in 1998, Early days of the company was mainly to take on outsourcing design from various advertisement companies and a small amount of printing. At that time, in order to accumulate experience, we continuously involve in all the peripheral businesses that related to design !

    Over time, the company has gradually gained more loyal customers. Gradually, the company has grown from one employee to two to three... Now the company has entered its 23rd year. Also moved from the original residence to the current office. The staff has also added a small team of five people! Every employee has their own expertise!

     The company has developed from a simple Graphic Design business at the beginning to the present Interier design, multimedia, social media Adv, printing, packaging, exhibition Design & signboard design, etc... a complete one-stop service. It rely on non-stop learning, be up to date and have a grateful heart.

      In the future, the company will maintain the "company-specific spirit" to solve problems for customers! Your satisfaction is our expectation!

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